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ANGULAR HEAD: Angular heads, most often 90 degree heads are used in Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) to eventually convert them into Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC).


BIGLIA: Italian CNC machines tool manufacturer est. 1958. Main products are CNC Turning Centers, Bar turning CNC machines, Integrated turn-mill CNC machines.
BMT® is Mori Seiki original Built-in Motor Turret. The motor is placed inside the turret, improving both the accuracy and cutting power for milling.


CAT: De-facto standard for the CNC tool holders taper configuration established by Caterpillar Inc. There are different sizes CAT25, CAT30, CAT40, CAT50 etc.
CITIZEN: CITIZEN MACHINERY CO., LTD the manufacturer of Swiss-type CNC lathe. Merged with Myano Machinery Inc to form a Citizen Machinery Miyano Co., Ltd in 2011.
CNC CONTROL: Computer Numeric Control. CNC machines utilize different Numeric Control units to improve accuracy, reputability and productivity. CNC systems can be based on PC (or other general use computer types) or CNC systems can be made as special units for machine control operations only. The most widely known CNC systems are Fanuc 0i, Fanuc 21i, Fanuc 18i, Siemens Sinumeric 802D, Siemens Sinumeric 840D, Fagor, HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530.
COLLET: Collet is a cylindrical steel or combined steel-rubber body with through cuts on one side or opposite sides. Collets are used to hold a cutting tool with a round shank like a bit of a face mill in a tool holder. Collets are being hold into place with nuts that at the same time squeeze them and clump the cutting tools.

CONVENTIONAL MACHINES: The machines that are being controlled by an operator directly. To improve the accuracy and repeatability the conventional machines can be equipped with Linear Scales and DRO (Digital Read Out systems).


DAEWOO: (Korean for "Great Universe") or the Daewoo Group, is a major Korean conglomerate. One of the subsidiaries manufactures CNC machines.
DEAD CENTER (for lathe): Dead Centers serve as support for a work piece on the opposite to a chuck side on the single chuck lathe machines and CNC turning centers. Dead centers are generally cheaper that Live centers and can hold a heavier load.
DIN: (German: Deutsche Industrie Normen) is a German national standards organization. DIN establishes standards in many manufacturing areas. The Live Tooling coupling, for example, is also standardized with DIN. Examples: DIN69782, DIN5480, DIN69880, DIN1809.
DOVETAIL HOLDER: Is a special type of tool holder for a DoveTail tool posts. Only static dove tail tool holders are available.


ER (Collet) ER collet type is the mostly widely used type of collets. There are different sizes of the ER collets, like ER16, ER25, ER32. See COLLETS.


HAAS: Major machine tool maker USA, California. The main products are CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC turning centers.
HMC: Horizontal Machining Center. Machining Center with horizontal spindle orientation.
HSK: taper standard designed for High Speed machining provides high rigidity and high stability while high speed machining. HSK A63 and HSK A100 are available.
HSK - is an abbreviation of the new standard Tooling Interface, which was developed in Germany and describes tooling shanks DIN69893 (DIN 69893) and spindle receivers DIN69063 (DIN 69063).
HYDRAULIC: Driven by the power of compressed liquid. Examples: hydraulic motor, hydraulic brake, hydraulic rest, hydraulic cylinder.


ISO: The International Organization for Standardization (French: Organisation internationale de normalisation) is an international standard-setting body.


LIVE CENTER (for lathe): Live Centers serve as support for a work piece on the opposite to a chuck side on the single chuck lathe machines and CNC turning centers. Live centers provide less friction and therefore better work piece quality as a result, compared to the dead centers.


MAZAK: Yamazaki Mazak Corporation of Japan. A major Japan machine tool manufacturer. The main products are CNC turning centers, CNC vertical machining centers, CNC horizontal machining centers, CNC Multi-Tasking machines, CNC 5-axis machines, NEXUS is a Mazak brand name.
MORI SEIKI: Since its founding in 1948, Mori Seiki has been recognized as an innovator in the world machine tool industry. They have delivered over 180,000 machines worldwide. The range of produced machines: VMC,HMC,CNC lathes, multi-axis turning centre
MURATEC: Developed its first turret lathe and began production in 1962. Is a pioneer in twin spindle turning machines.


NAKAMURA TOME PRECISION INDUSTRY : One of the biggest Japanese producers of multi-turret machines.Founded in December 1960 by Tomeo Nakamura. The range of products: multi-turret machines, two-spindle machines, glass-processing machines
NC CONTROL: Numeric Control. An intermediate stage between conventional machines and CNC controlled machines.
NEXUS: Mazak brand name.


OKUMA: Okuma is a world leader in the development of computer numeric controls (CNC) and machining technology. Founded in 1898 in Nagoya, Japan. Okuma vertical and horizontal machining centers, lathes, double column machining centers, grinders, and wheel machines offer users high throughout, high accuracy, reliable solutions to production machining operations.


SAUTER: A major Italian live turret manufacturer. Sauter manufactures most of its live turrets with A major manufacturer of Swiss type lathes power coupling according to DIN 5480 and DIN5482.
SPUR COUPLING type of power coupling used in HSK
STAR: A major manufacturer of Swiss type lathes. Some of the newest models are ECAS20T, SV-12, SR-20J


A major manufacturer of Swiss type lathes

TAKAMAZ: A major Japanese CNC lathe and CNC turning center machine manufacturer. Makes double turret double spindle CNC lathes as well as Swiss-type lathes and other types of CNC lathes. Top-Turn2, X-100, XW-80, USL-300 are some of TAKAMAZ CNC lathes.


VDI: Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI) (English: Association of German Engineers) is an organization of engineers and natural scientists. (
VDI TOOL HOLDER: VDI is a standard for CNC lathe and CNC turning centers equipped with turrets. VDI standard was developed by VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure). VDI Live tool holders and VDI Static Tool Holders are available. Coolant through for live tooling is also available for the most of the models. As compared to BMT tool holders, VDI tool holders provide a faster toll change. Radial, axial, angle, universal and double VDI tool holders are available. VDI tool holders are being utilized on the machines of various manufacturers equipped with VDI turrets, such as DUPLOMATIC, SAUTER and others.
VMC: Vertical Machining Center. Machining Center with vertical spindle orientation


WASINO: A major Japanese manufacturer of CNC Turning Centers. Currently Known as AMADA-WASINO.

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