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CNC Pneumatic Vise HPV-III 6"

Figure L30000832: CNC Pneumatic Vise HPV-III 6"
CNC Pneumatic Vise


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CNC Pneumatic Vise HPV-III 6" Specification

Table L30000832: CNC Pneumatic Vise HPV-III 6"

HPV-III 6"168115±0.010-26557±0.0218495710161141553215860-5000 kgf8 mm
HPV-III 8"187120±0.010-30566±0.02185707852011418662151000-8000 kgf8 mm

CNC Automatic Super Hi-Pressure Vise

The new Automatic Super Hi-Pressure Vise HPV-series is designed to enhance clamping force of 0-5000 kgf and can be adjusted depending on the material of workpiece. The body of Automatic Vise HPV-series is made of Ductile Iron above FCD-60 grade for high precision and durability. With a force of 4500 kgf, the shape will deflect less than 0.01 mm. Automatic Vise HPV-series can be mounted both horizontally or vertically. The slide ways of Automatic Vise HPV-series are hardened to HRC 50°. The Automatic Vise HPV-series is also featured by its special Angle-Lock System made of high-grade iron of over FCD-60 grade for high rigidity. Tubes of the Automatic Vise HPV-series are designed with different colors for quick repair.

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VDI Tool holder best Canadian seller

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