WMTS was a great success!

The great interest was attracted to the so called universal head VDI drilling-milling head with variable angle ± 90 degrees. Those type of the heads available for different types of the machines like MORI SEIKI NL series, MAZAK SQT (Super Quick Turn), DUPLOMATIC turrets DIN 1809, Spur-IT coupling type, Spur MT coupling type SAUTER turret DIN 5480 and DIN 5482, MURSTEK MT series machines, OKUMA and others.

For the full range of our products please see our web site at www.imte.ca. If you were unable to locate a product of your interest on the site please enquire us by filling out the enquiry from.

Western Manufacturing Technology Show was a great success!

International Machine Tool and Equipment Inc. participated in the recent WMTS 2009 in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

The machine tool show in the hart of Canadian oil producing province reflects all the trends and circumstances facing the manufacturing industry in this country. It can be summarized in two simple words: struggling to survive.

Although the show was visibly smaller that the previous years, it was a great experience and passion to present our front line products to the market in Alberta. We displayed the VDI tool holders for motorized turrets and the static VDI tool holders, BMI tool holders (for MORI SEIKI, DAEWOO machines) and other types of tool holders. The visitors of our site expressed great interest in the CNC milling tool holders like tapping chucks, milling holders, collet chucks, boring heads and other milling tool holders.

We have also displayed the new product special collets for the collet chucks. We have a wide range of the collets for the collet chucks including those with carbide inserts for highest accuracy, reliability and wear resistance. We carry such precision collets and guide bushes like those for Swiss-type lathe (automatic lathe) like CITIZEN, STAR, TSNGAMI, NOMURA, TORNOS, HARDINGE etc.

One of the small but mighty products was a special hit on this show. This is a Quick Change Tapper holder which makes your regular drilling-milling head a tapping head by providing the necessary compensation for a floating non-rigid tapping. This little a 150 dollar thing can save you 1500 since you do not need to buy a special expensive tapping head.

One of the products that stays a bit out of the line but still is of an interest to the CNC and conventional lathe owners is the Live Centers. Although we displayed some of them, we carry the full line of the Live Centers including but not limited to the Adjustment Water proof, Auto-Adjustable transmission, Bull Nose centers, Super High Speed Live centers, Heavy Load Live Centers and others.

VDI Tool holder best Canadian seller

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